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Ruskin Vase
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Ruskin Vase

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Ruskin Vase


Excellent condition


A Brief History of Ruskin

Edward Richard Taylor was the principle of Birmingham School of Art, where his son William Howson Taylor was a pupil. In 1898 he founded the Ruskin Pottery at Smethwick for his son to run.

Ruskin Pottery is noted for its remarkable and individual glazes developed by Taylor who drew inspiration from oriental techniques. The quality of the wares produced make Ruskin Pottery some of the most original and desirable work available to the collector.

The pottery won many prizes world wide, most notably at the St Louis Centennial Exhibition of 1904.

The pottery closed in 1933 followed in 1935 by the death of William Taylor who had made sure all records of glaze recipes were destroyed after the factory closed leaving experts puzzling over exactly how he achieved his wonderful effects. The speckled, mottled, lustre and flambe glazes are certainly a mystery to those who try to copy them.

Most Ruskin pieces are impressed with the pottery name and a date which makes for easy recognition.


approximate dimensions of this piece: 190mm tall, 180mm at its widest, 120mm at the top and base

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Price: £295.00

Product Code: XDLLE-OM
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